20th Century French Vintage Equine / Horse Fireplace Fenders

20th Century French Vintage Equine / Horse Fireplace Fenders

Code: D/FD102B


H: 31" (78.7 cm)W: 28" (71.1 cm)D: 34" (86.4 cm)

€475.00 Approx $514.63, £406.68

An unusual pair or fireside andirons; a pair of rearing stallions in bronze with the supporting ironwork attached. An andiron or firedog, fire-dog or fire dog is a bracket support, normally found in pairs, on which logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace, so that air may circulate under the firewood, allowing better burning and less smoke. Often andirons are now used as purely decorative items by a fire - and these are very surely decorative. They are in completely original condition as we found them with some patination from the heat of the fire and it goes without saying that they are very heavy.

Each horse measures over 12" tall, about twelve and a quarter inches or 31cm. The greatest width from hoof to tail is nearly 11" or about 28cm wide. The depth of each horse with the supporting metal brackets attached, is 13.5" or 34cm.
These beautifully designed items would be an equally great addition to any fire or stove setting in a modern or classical home; the stallions have beautifully fluid lines and are not over-stylised.

The pair together weigh over 2.6 kilograms without packaging so will be sent by a parcel delivery service. They will be dismantled for shipping to allow for a flatter parcel.