Antique 19th Century French Imperial Style Extendable Fireplace Fender

Antique 19th Century French Imperial Style Extendable Fireplace Fender

Code: D3/FD101X


H: 70" (177.8 cm)W: 125" (317.5 cm)D: 14" (35.6 cm)

€1,750.00 Approx $1895.99, £1498.29

A superb example of a French Antique Fire Fender in completely unrestored, original Gilt Bronze condition. This beautiful item came from a family-owned Chateau in the Loire Valley in France. This fender is a quality item, bearing both a Foundry Mark and a Pattern Number. Extremely versatile in that the width can be extended up to a maximum of 1.25 metres, so is as suitable for a cosy bedroom or nook fireplace as it is for a medium lounge or dining area. Made of solid cast bronze with a gilt finish and inlaid marble, this decorative fire fender is in completely original condition. In the Paris antique quarters we have seen similar, restored - re-gilded - items priced at over 5,000 euros. We prefer the honest, original condition and patina that reassures that this is a fine, pre-loved antique. We are happy to answer any questions or supply further photographs.

Appearing from the two tall thin fluted columns on either side are two curved arms, these would be used to rest your fireside tools against, making this a stylish superbly designed and innovative piece for its time. However for us the best and most unusual features are the two outer feet in the form of Asian inspired open mouthed leaf dragons with scrolling leaves almost like a green man in design.

Designed in a Baroque or late Rococo style, the foundry has a mark similar to a clasp of small leaves gathered together, quite pretty. And can be found on the attached feet to the rear of the main bodies. The gilt has worn over the many years that it has been in the Chateau, leaving a superb patina; underneath the decorative finials the original bright colour of the gold can still be seen. It has backings to both bottom piers of wonderful blocks of white marble to accentuate the golden scrolling acanthus leaf decoration. Easily assembled from an original French antique 'flat pack' design (ahead of their time, those French!), it can be transported quite easily although it is naturally quite weighty.

A very special French Louis XV style item indeed, with gorgeous details - like the tiny scowling faces at each side. With a height of 27.5" or 70cm,  width extending to 49.5" or 125cm and a depth of 5.5" or 14cm., the ensemble weighs just under 12 kilograms or around 26 pounds.