Antique French Salvaged Wooden Carved Decorative Panels

Antique French Salvaged Wooden Carved Decorative Panels

Code: AQ2/42


H: 22" (55.9 cm)W: 20.5" (52.1 cm)


Saved from being lost forever - this lovely pair of door panels used to live in our local town in France. The house had fallen into disrepair after being empty for many years due to delays in the French legal system - when a house is inherited by several members of any family, they all have to agree on a sale - if one of them doesn't, then it can take years to sort out. 

This fine pair were part of a built-in set of cupboards in the dining room, the Salle á manger, constructed in the 1800's during the reign of Napoleon III - which was in a very sorry state. However, the cupboards were set back and luckily saved from the worst of the destruction around them and have emerged with the carvings unscathed, though the backing has a very slight curve from former damp; easily put right when rested flat.

A great pair of carved panels with a bit of history, these would be a classic focal point for a study, games room or similar. In a Neo-Classical design, the panels are decorated with a circle of scrolling acanthus leaves leading to a central rosette or carved cabouchon in the form of an open pommigranit. The surounding frame of banded leaves is broken by floret roundals. They are in completely original, superb antique condition with only a very, very slight warp to the main panels.

They are  22" or 56cm tall and 20.5" or 52cm wide. At the deepest point we estimate the depth to be around 1.5" or 4cm. The two panels together weigh around 5.7 kg without any packaging.