RESERVED Antique Church Salvage - Carved Wooden Orthodox Cross

RESERVED Antique Church Salvage - Carved Wooden Orthodox Cross

Code: R3/57


H: 39" (99.1 cm)W: 19" (48.3 cm)D: 4" (10.2 cm)


RESERVED for Suzanne


An ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE piece of craftsmanship in carved hardwood - originally part of a screen in an Irish Church that was sold in the 1970's. It was found back then exactly as it is, by the guys who were doing the reclamation of the Church fittings before it was converted to a Restaurant.  We were fortunate that they offered it to us as we had previously purchased many items from them; it is a beautiful dark oak crucifix carved out of a panel. One of the reclamation guys had kept it for his Father, who had it hanging in his home for many years, but now he is going to a smaller home.

We were told that it was once part of the a wall panel, alter piece or other screen in the Church.  The patina of the carving shows signs of its history - and the beautifully carved trifoliate crucifix with  stunning foliate scrolls and pyramid studs. This is a totally unique and irreplaceable piece from c17th/18th century or possibly even older. Here is a chance to become the custodian of a small piece of Irish Ecclesiastical History.

This is an extremely well carved item, clearly crafted by a professional. The wood has been protected on the face by waxes and polishes and many years of maintenance in the Church; over on the back, the age of the piece is more evident. The panel has been shaped to interlock with other parts , however as a single decorative item it has been given two bent steel nails at the top of the back, through with a piece of string has been used for hanging. Not the original string - this piece has nylon in it ! The decoration has been carved out of one single pice of old French Oak with great skill. Above the curved arch at above the cross, two 'corners' have been added many years ago; it looks as though one of these has had a repair. They are both fixed with very old steel nails. The condition is Very Good Antique - completely original condition. A superb piece.

Dimensions are 15.25” / 39cm high, just over 7.5” / 19cm wide and 1.5” / 4cm deep. Without any packaging the carving weighs 1 kg.