Two Superb Antique French Carved Wooden Caryatids - Antique French

Two Superb Antique French Carved Wooden Caryatids - Antique French

Code: AQ23


H: 12" (30.5 cm)W: 3.2" (8.1 cm)D: 2.8" (7.1 cm)



Two Superb Antique French Carved Wooden Caryatids - Antique French Carved Walnut Female Forms from the Early to mid-1800s - AQ23


This is a gorgeous matching pair of ladies - French antique Catyatids; the female form used as an ornamental support. These ladies came from an antique dealer in France; they had previously been part of a very heavily carved, Renaissance style "Buffet", supporting the upper cupboards - the buffet is a type of dresser used in France, often as ornate and  decorative as the pieces displayed on it. There was a great trend in France in the 1800's to use carved human or animal figures as part of the frame of the furniture; often humorous, they were a way of showing off wealth to neighbours and visitors. In nineteenth century France, having wealth to display was very important.
Our Ladies here are 12" or 30.5 cm tall; they are a matching pair. At the widest point the are 3.25" or just over 8cm and the depth of the carvings is 2.75" or 7cm. Made of solid hand carved walnut in the mid-eighteen hundreds, their curvy figures have been superbly carved, stained and polished. They each wear a tight bodice with a swathe of fabric that runs down from one shoulder, across the belly and up to the other shoulder, draping down at each side. Below their fabric the carving turns to a plinth tapering to a square end that can stand firmly in place while the ladies bear the weight of a shelf, cupboard, etc. 
This is a beautiful pair, weighing 758 grammes, are stunning items for interior design or a Renaissance project. Absolute beauties.
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