Art Deco Geometric Polished Marble Bookends - French 1930s

Art Deco Geometric Polished Marble Bookends - French 1930s

Code: B1/28


Art Deco Geometric Polished Marble Bookends - French 1930s Solid Marble Plinth and Back - French Art Deco - The Beauty of Marble - B1/28


A pair of French Art Deco bookends or book stops in polished marble - you could say celebrating marble as they have no other material involved. The French makers have chosen a heavily veined marble with large splashes of colour. The most striking shade is a russet brown, which is the first noticeable colour. This blends in a natural formation with other chunks of colour: beige, peach, cream and greys. The overall effect is very simple, understated classic beauty. Simply fashioned out of three sharply-cut marble component pieces - two slabs and a block - they have been invisibly joined to produce the bookends you see here. With this design, the ends can be displayed using either slab as the base (see main photo). Beautiful Marble Engineering and Simplicity in Design.

The measurements are 4 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches (10cm x 10cm x 7.5cm) and the pair together without packaging weigh just over 1.75 kilograms.
The bookends are Vintage, almost antique and there are some small signs of wear to this beautiful natural stone, some tiny chips which are all but invisible due to the marble veining. 

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