Pair of Art Nouveau Style 'Bambi' Deer Bookends - in Bronzed Patinated

Pair of Art Nouveau Style 'Bambi' Deer Bookends - in Bronzed Patinated

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H: 13" (33 cm)W: 10" (25.4 cm)D: 7" (17.8 cm)

€99.00 Approx $107.26, £84.76

Made in France in the early 1950's, echoing the forms Art Nouveau Period - these lovely vintage "Bambi' style bookends are decorated with two beautifully stylised young deer. With their little upturned noses and their graceful lines they are as cute as can be - the kind of treasure that a child would remember into adulthood.

The two baby deer are mounted on solid, three-quarter inch thick blocks of peachy-cream marble,  and in perfect vintage condition; they have been used but are very clean and not damaged. The delicately designed spelter bodies have been lustre-bronzed, giving them a deep bronze patina and sheen. The deer are standing in amongst tufts of ferns, giving them a solid base attached to the marble. Underneath, the bases are covered with a red paper or card finish, to avoid any scratching to the surface they may stand on.

Measurements are: height including base - 5" or 13cm; width of 2.75" or 7cm - this is looking face-on to the deer - and a depth from the nose end of the deer to the end of the plinth is 4" or 10cm. The pair together weigh 1kg, without any packaging.