AMAZING The Anatomy of a Horse by George Stubbs - 4th edition 1938

AMAZING The Anatomy of a Horse by George Stubbs - 4th edition 1938

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H: 45" (114.3 cm)W: 30" (76.2 cm)D: 4" (10.2 cm)


A rare opportunity to buy a copy of this world renowned book by George Stubbs (b.1724 - d.1806) - a Bible not only for any artist drawing or painting horses but also for students and professionals in the Veterinary service. This book was the first, and remains, the definitive reference book for all aspects of equine skeletal and muscular structure with fine drawings and explanation of the animal at each stage. This particular book is not in good outer condition but is completely intact and the plates are all present with very little damage. The book measures 18" high by 12" wide (450mm x 300mm) and is 1.5" or 4cm. deep. it weighs 280 grammes without any packaging. George Stubbs was the first artist to faithfully represent the figure of a horse and he did so by studying the animal in depth. This Third Edition reprint comes from 1938, dedicated to the 3rd Duke of Portland. EXTREMELY RARE IREM.

Starting with line drawings that are numbered and referenced in the text, the book is sectioned starts with the entire skeleton, the organs, skin and blood vessels, muscle and tendon placement; each line drawing is followed by a full drawing for the section. In all there are three skeletal referenced drawings and 15 anatomical plates.  George Stubbs famously painted the most successful race horses of his day.

The book came from the estate of a retired equine vet here in South West Ireland; his speciality was horses and the book was used for reference on a daily basis, both by himself and his students. Some of the plates are double sized as can be seen in the photographs. This book could be inspirational for an interior designer or artist; using or reproducing the plates would make a magnificent design statement.