I'm French Vintage Léa Stein Buttons - Vintage French

I'm French Vintage Léa Stein Buttons - Vintage French

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I'm French Vintage Léa Stein Buttons Very Rare Find  - Vintage French Lea Stein black and white toggle type buttons - FF106

What a find we have been able to acquire a collection of fabulous Léa Stein buttons and this is just one design type.

These are so obviously hand made as the diameters change from one to another. The price is per one and we have 15 black and 10 white, contact us for best price and shipping if buying more than ten.
They may vary very slightly in size but are all around 35mm or 1 3/8 " 
with a diameter of 9mm or 3/8".

A French designer and Fashion Trend-Setter in the Sixties, Léa Stein's designs are as vibrant today as they were then and can be a terrific addition to today's every-day or evening-wear. Her ranges of buttons, jewellery and accessories are an absolute joy.

To find complete collections of buttons is a bit of a scoop; please look through them and enjoy.

We have purchased the whole collection from a very nice lady who was clearning her mothers old home and found these and more, her grandmother worked in the factory that produced the Lea Stein items and so we will never know if they left the factory legitimately or not.......but either way they are a great find for Lea Stein fans.
Léa Stein (born 1931) is a French artist and accessories maker, known for her compressed plastic buttons, brooches and bracelets. She is often hailed as "the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewellery of the 20th century". 
Although little is known about her childhood, but some sources suggest that she spent part of it in a WWII concentration camp. She also trained as an artist at a young age.

Stein entered the fashion industry in 1957 working in textiles, and by 1965 had developed an interest in plastic. She worked with her husband, chemist Ferdinand Steinberger, to develop a process of layering very thin sheets of cellulose acetate (or rhodoid) and laminating them to form a "multi-coloured sandwich of plastic". Each 'sandwich' was baked for a long time, then cooled and cut into shapes. The process could take as long as six months.

This technique allowed Stein to insert different fabrics (such as brocades and lace), colours and textures into the plastic.


Your purchase will be very carefully packaged with recycled materials where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post postal service. 
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