A Collection of Fire Hose Nozzles - French Fire Nozzle  - Original

A Collection of Fire Hose Nozzles - French Fire Nozzle - Original

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A Collection of Fire Hose Nozzles - French Fire Nozzle  - Original Condition - Solid Bronze and Brass C239


An extraordinary collection of five French Antique and Vintage Fire Hose Nozzles: these were collected by a Parisian "Pompier" - Fireman during his time in the French Fire Service. We purchased them from his son who had inherited them after moving to the countryside in central France and had no room to properly display them. His hope was that eventually, the would find a home with another member of a fire service.

They are solidly constructed from Bronze, Brass, Copper and one has an aluminium handle. They can be sold separately or, preferably, as a collection.

A superb French collection including some unusual items, the nozzle lengths range from ten to twenty two inches and the ensemble weighs five and a. half kilos.

1. Weighing 1.75kg, this super long hose end has a brass thumb tap on the end of a copper body and is nearly 22" or 55.5cm long
2. Made of bronze, this pipe weighs 0.95kg and has a standard nineteenth sentury tap  
3. The brass spout unscrews on this pipe and is marked No.10 and 36 with 200 below. The body is of copper, both ends of brass. Weight is 0.9kg.
4. Mid Century nozzle, marked DIFFUSION with a red handle for 'twin flow diffusion' the nozzle has the option of a sprinkler or full flow. The weight is 1.35kg and the pipe is 13.75" or 35com long.
5. The smallest nozzle at 10" or 25.5cm long, this nozzle has a copper body and brass ends. With a silver and black label on the head marked DIFFUSE, the flow can be changes from a single spout to a broad stream.

The collection would make a very special gift for a person related to the industry.

Your purchase will be very carefully packaged with recycled materials where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post postal or Courier service. 
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