A very rare set of Vintage Hermès No's 1 to 5 Knotting Cards Plus the

A very rare set of Vintage Hermès No's 1 to 5 Knotting Cards Plus the

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€299.00 €355.00 Approx $324.3, £255.77

VERY RARE Set of Vintage Hermès No's 1 - 5 Knotting Cards With Soft Cover Book,  Brand New Dead Stock - Hermes Knotting Cards - FF3/008B


A very rare set of Vintage Hermès Knotting Cards: the set comprises numbers one to number five of these boxed collector cards.  Brand New Old Stock in their boxes; as can be seen in the photographs, these boxes are now highly collectable in their own right - with the highest prices paid for the earlier versions. These are in perfect condition. They would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves Hermès. The price is for set of five boxed card collections and the soft cover book that is entitled LE CARRÉ HERMÈS or The Hermes Square.

These cards are a practical aid, showing how to tie your scarf etc., in many stylish and innovative ways - so they not just interesting but also a highly useful item and very collectable.

This completely original set would make a perfect gift for the girl who has (almost) everything - or a serious Hermes collector.

They are around 11.5cm / 4.6"  x 6cm / 2.5" each and the book is 11cm / 4.4" x 11cm / 4.4" and 1cm / 0.4" deep.

Found packed away in a stock room of a designer fashion shop local to us in France, that had been closed and is only now being refurbished:- Hermes Knotting Cards, No1 to No 5 plus Book. We only have two sets left of all five Cards sets, then only a few more 1- 4.