Boxed Set of Superior Antique French Three Pin Dominos - 1900's

Boxed Set of Superior Antique French Three Pin Dominos - 1900's

Code: TC1/111


H: 2" (5.1 cm)W: 4.5" (11.4 cm)


This superior quality set of Antique French Dominoes, dating from the very early 1900's, are three-pinned - each domino has a larger brass centre pin sitting proud of the tile face, for ease of shuffling. The tiles are thicker than many we have seen with the ratio of ebony to bone almost equal - the total depth is about 3/8" or 0.9cm. The three brass pins in each tile have been hand set and the middle, larger pin (the shuffling pin) has been hammered to knock the top slightly askew; these are hand made pins and not store bought dome-headed ones. The dots or 'pips' have been nicely drilled in a good, clear size.

Both the ebony and the bone have been chamfered at each edge giving the tiles a very tactile feel; the materials have been hand finished and now, over time, the bone has darkened and shows some natural flaws as would be expected for the age. The box is of a pale wood with a reddish coloured finish that has changed colour over time - the sides are lighter than the top, which has been exposed to handling and sunlight, while the base is still an original red colour. The box has been well made and the sliding top moves easily. The entire set is in completely original condition; one tile (two-blank) is slightly different and may have come from an almost identical set.

The tiles measure 1.75" by just over 3/4" (4.5cm x just over 2cm) and the box is 7" or 18cm wide by 2.25" or 6cm deep and stands at 2.25" or 6cm high. The set with box weighs 450 grammes, without any packaging.