For Stephanie Three French Antique Alcohol Hydrometers

For Stephanie Three French Antique Alcohol Hydrometers

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Three French Antique Glass Alcohol Hydrometers for Winemaking and Brewing - Antique Home Brewing Thermometers - AQ/TH02

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Vintage from the 1920s

Dispatches from a small business in 


Materials: Moulded Glass, Colourless Glass, Tiny Metal Balls, Blown Glass, Degree Measurements, Original Tubes, Antique Thermometers, French Designs, French Wine, wine gift, Winemaking Tools, Vintners Thermometers, Antique Vintners

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A very interesting set of three Antique French Thermometers from the Winemaking Industry in France. These three have all had full and useful lives, are in perfect working order and are like pieces or scientific art! A wine maker or connoisseur would love these. To best describe the three and with very little scientific knowledge:
The Long Black One: Label "Mustimètre" by Dujardin-Saleron of Paris; reserve of tiny metal balls in the base; two ranges: 1) from 1130 to 990, and 2) from (-18) to 4. It measures 10.5" in length.
The Shorter Black One: No label. Reserve of tiny metal balls in base; range is from 40 to 0 and marked "Lese Sirops". It is 8" in length.
The red and White One: Vinomètre Bernadot Déposé - this means it was patented. It is marked "Toute contrefaçon sera poursuivie" - 'All counterfeiting will be pursued'. A curious little glass open tulip shaped top and the marked range is 0 to 20; the glass is marked "Vins". Inside the tube is a hand drawn sketch. On the top of the closure of the tube, it is noted that it has been awarded a `gold Medal. It measures 6" in length.

The thermometers have been left in completely original condition; we have not cleaned them and have handled them as little as possible. The set of three in their tubes weigh 119 grammes. 

Your purchase will be very carefully packaged and despatched via the Irish An Post postal service or reputable courier service. THE PRICE IS FOR THE THREE AND INCLUDES TRACKED DELIVERY.