RARE 1800s Antique Toasting or Illusion Glasses

RARE 1800s Antique Toasting or Illusion Glasses

Code: G1/30


RARE 1800s Antique Toasting Glasses , Illusion or Antique Liqueur Glasses  - French 1800s Glasses - French Deception Glasses - G1/30


Antique Hand Made Glasses - a pair of French Toasting Glasses or Illusion Glasses. Used in the 1800s in France by a family in the Liore Valley, the glasses were used by the parents of the household to toast Family events- sometimes as many as 15 toasts with one meal. Hence the deception - the glasses look like a standard liqueur measure but these ones hold a liquid measure of 20 ml. comfortably. These glasses have been free-blown and their age is very evident in the style and flaws of the glasses; they have a 'thumb moulding pattern' on the sides to reflect the liquid, that carries on down the stem to a very thick base. The undersides of the bases carry the remnants of the pontil marks from the freehand blowing and the marks of use over many years. Little glasses of happiness.

The glasses are each 3-5" or 9cm tall with a diameter of 2-1/8" or nearly 5.5cm wide. They are quite heavy, with a high lead content in the glass and the pair weigh 340 grammes without any packaging. Both glasses are in fine antique condition; with no chips or cracks they carry only the marks and bubbles of the glass blowing process and the patina of time.

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