10 Antique French Shot Toasting Glasses  - ANTIQUE French 1900s

10 Antique French Shot Toasting Glasses - ANTIQUE French 1900s

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H: 2.5" (6.4 cm)W: 1.6" (4.1 cm)

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10 Antique French Shot Toasting Glasses  - ANTIQUE French 1900s Glasses - Liqueur Glass, Toasting Glass or Shot Glasses G1/20


This set of ten lovely little antique toasting glasses are ideal for dinner parties where a toast might be proposed many times over. Each glass holds UNDER one tablespoon of liquid; you would fall from exhaustion before over-indulgence! A very pleasing shape with broadly fluted sides, the glasses have a small plain turned rim at the top to suggest a measurement line. They are not quite 'illusion' glasses although they do have a thick base in the glass that limits the amount of liquid needed to pour a measure. The bowls of the glasses are blown and then joined to the pressed glass foot - they have the suggestion of a stem - only a quarter of an inch. 

The glasses stand at 2.5" or 6.5cm high with a rim diameter of 1-3/8" or 4cm. Each one weighs under 45 grammes. These little glasses have been treasured by a French family for over one hundred years; they have seen toasts drunk at the end of the First, and Second, World Wars. They are family heirlooms waiting for a new family. All in very good antique condition, no chips of cracks. 

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