4 Linda Pair of French Sommeliers Vintage Glass 'Tastevin

4 Linda Pair of French Sommeliers Vintage Glass 'Tastevin" - Tâtevin

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Special order for Linda. Photo for illustration only yours are glass, we have packed them so could not retake them.


A pair of French Sommeliers Vintage Glass 'Tastevin" - Tâtevin - Tasting Cup - Red Wine tasting cup - TBL1


The tastevin (tâtevin) - pronounced 'tatt-vin' - is the old tasting-cup used by Sommeliers, wine tasters and wine-producers. According to a custom going back to the 15th or 16th century, a high quality silver one is given as a christening present, for it is a tool rather than an "objet d'art" and people of Burgundy keep it in their pocket. 

These glass models were produced by the wine producer "Henri Maire" in the North East of France; they produce and sell their own wines directly to the public, with a retail shop and tasting centre in Arbois, in France (Department 39). 

(An essential utensil for winegrowers and wine tasters, the tâtevin (tâter = to taste) is the time-hallmark wine tasting cup. The cup, in solid silver or silver-plated but sometimes also in glass, has a raised design so that the appearance and colour of the wines, especially the reds, can be appreciated. The concavities bring out the ruby-red reflections. Sometimes, the cups have ripples and flutings, in which case the reflections take on a deeper hue.) The perfect gift got a red wine lover - pocket sized and pocket priced !