5 ANTIQUE French Barbotine Faience de Sarreguemines, Children at Work

5 ANTIQUE French Barbotine Faience de Sarreguemines, Children at Work

Code: PL1/001


Di: 7.5" (19.1 cm)

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Set of Five ANTIQUE French Barbotine Faience de Sarreguemines - Transfer Printed Plates - Children at Work - Collectors Series - PL1/001


Every French home we have ever visited has at least one 'Faience' plate - 'Majollica' - that used to belong to Mamie - the Granny. This is an antique set of five French Collectors' illustrated plates from the Sarraguemines factory. The French people treasure these  transfer-printed faience-ware plates for their durability and decorative quality. This set is of the Opaque range by the Sarreguemines factory - a lovely creamy white ceramic. If you ever wanted to recreate that French Country Kitchen feel, you couldn't go wrong with a Faience plate of two. Or five. 

We have five of this series of plates that show children at work; the plates are numbered as part of a series: we have - No 2 - Md. D'Allumettes Chemiques  or the Match Seller. No 5 - Merchanes De Balais or the Brush Sellers. No 6 - Marionettes the Puppeteer. No 10 - Groom and No 11 - Berger or Shepherd.

They date from around the late Eighteen hundreds to the very early Ninteen hundreds. The colouration of the plates, black on creamware, is typical of the age and the transfers are sharp. There are no cracks or signs of any damage, making this a very nice display set. Each plate is about 7.5" in diameter. The set of five weigh 1.05 kg., without any packaging.

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