58 French Lucite Knife Rests or Cutlery Rests - Pack of Dogs

58 French Lucite Knife Rests or Cutlery Rests - Pack of Dogs

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€275.00 Approx $297.94, £235.45

Over the last year or so we have gathered together a wonderful collection / pack of these great Clear Lucite Doggie Knife Rests - plus one cute little Renegade Black Dog. Known as 'porte-couteaux' they are used in France so that cutlery can be kept between courses instead of cluttering the table with a different set for each course. We have Fifty Eight of these cheeky little chappies! The price is for the collection, but if you need less we would be prepared to split the family......

They are in a very Art Deco style although most will have been made between the 1950's and 1980's; they would add that extra talking point at any function. Because of the sheer numbers we have always hoped that they would grace the table for a wedding breakfast......a little white veil for the bride and a white dicky bow for the groom, perhaps!

These gorgeous hounds would be ideal for party or wedding planners: use them for your wedding or party and then sell them on again; or give them away as Wedding Favours to your guests. 

Knife Rests have been used for longer than most people think. In the early 18th Century and possibly the late 17th century the gentry and the ruling classes sat down to a meal that could have had anything up to 12 courses and apart from their hands probably only had one knife and fork per person. To save soiling the table and tablecloth – (if there was one,) - the utensils had to be put down onto something that kept them off the surface. It was probably initially just a piece of wood in the times of Henry the Eighth but from the eighteenth century we know that some enterprising persons started to design what we now consider proper knife rests in pairs, sets of 4,6,12 and possibly more.