Antique French Crystal Fruit Bowl - Art Deco Squirral

Antique French Crystal Fruit Bowl - Art Deco Squirral

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H: 5" (12.7 cm)W: 12.5" (31.8 cm)

€155.00 Approx $168.11, £132.59

An absolutely beautiful table centrepiece - a wide, Art Deco inspired Fruit Bowl, or 'Computer' from France dating from the 1920s. This gorgeous crystal fruit bowl, or 'compotier' is made from 'Paté Verre', or Pressed Glass, with the squirrel design in relief in the underside of the glass leaving a smooth bowl interior. A large piece like this at the centre of the dining table, holding fresh fruits with perhaps some greenery intertwined - the stuff that interior design statements are made of! 

The shallow crystal bowl stands on a rounded, steady base that has a copper coating over the stepped design on the base. On top of the base are three perfectly round little wooden balls, supporting an inverted version of the base - and this supports the heavy glass bowl. When empty, the bowl is of great ornamental value as the squirrels, in pairs around the bowl, face each other to share fruits and nuts and catch the light. The background to the squirrels is a finely stippled pattern on the glass. This is an antique item and there is one small chip that can be felt on the bowl rim, and two areas where the edge feels 'rough'. The bowl is attached to the stand with permanent glue so cannot be taken apart for shipping.

The bowl is 12.5" or 32cm in diameter with a depth of about 2.5" or 6.5cm. The base has a diameter of 5.75" or 14.5cm and the height of the assembled item is 5" or 12.5cm. The weight without any packaging is 1.75kg grammes, so this is a heavy and fragile item to ship.

Your purchase will be very carefully packaged with recycled materials where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post postal service. 
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