Antique French & English Plates /Bowls -  Staffordshire Willow Pattern

Antique French & English Plates /Bowls - Staffordshire Willow Pattern

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Antique French & English Plates /Bowls -  Staffordshire Willow Pattern - Creil Montereau Chinoise - Repaired Plates - French - PL1/006


Two much loved and adored shallow bowls that were much loved:- so much so that they were both repaired at great expense at the time. We feel that this gives both items an even greater sense of antiquity showing the battle scars of their lifetimes. 

LARGER BOWL: in Terre de Fer, made by Creil Montereau in the Chinoise style showing a Pagoda and Vase of Flowers.  This is in a Green transfer print and so more unusual than the normal Blue and White. The Dimensions are 10.75" / 270mm across, 2' / 50mm deep and weight 650grams.

The bowl has a crack that branches out in two directions, yet has not broken the bowl. Thick metal staples have been applied to the back in four places along the fissures. The staples do not show on the face of the bowl. This is an incredibly delicate repair, made by a craftsman of the time.

Creil-Montereau faience is a 'faïence fine', lead-glazed earthenware on a white body originating in the French communes of Creil, Oise and of Montereau, Seine-et-Marne, unified since 1819. Emulating the creamware perfected by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1770s, and under the artistic and technical direction of a native English man called Christopher Potter, the faience of Creil-Montereau introduced the industrial technique of transfer printing on pottery in France and raised it to a high state of perfection during its peak years in the 19th century.

SMALLER BOWL:- is a great example of a Staffordshire Blue and White Willow Pattern with the iconic Chinese scene by Staffordshire's 'H & A '- 
The manufacturing company was Hulse and Adderley - a partnership company specialising in Stone China.   The Partnership was dissolved on 31st December, 1874. 

This smaller Willow Pattern example has the mark of H & A together with the Crown and Staffordshire Knot, denoting that it is not bone china, but more of an earthenware. 
The bowl measures  8' / 200mm across and 1.5" / 37mm deep and weighs 300grams

Both designs would come under the new design the time, the Aesthetic Movement and yet originating from two separate countries

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