Fabulous Large French Fish Serving Platter - French Fish Board

Fabulous Large French Fish Serving Platter - French Fish Board

Code: K3/376


D: 7.2" (18.3 cm)L: 35" (88.9 cm)


Fabulous Large French Fish Serving Platter - French Fish Board or Serving Platter - French Decorative Table Platter - K3/376


A whopping great French Vintage serving platter for a whole fish - perfect for a whole salmon or similar fish, when entertaining. This item came from a small country restaurant in the Limoges region of France and has seen regular use. Frequently in French Cuisine, when a whole fish is served, it is "spiked" - with metal - using a series of spikes and skewers to keep the fish intact for serving. This platter has been used for fish in this way, leaving a few little spike-holes in the surface. A great talking point!

If not serving a whole fish this would be a superb way of serving buffet style sea food or finger food - the possibilities are endless with a platter this size.

From nose to the end of the tail-fin, this Mid-Century platter measures 35" or 89cm, so it's an impressive item for décor, if not for serving. The Fish Head and Tail are of a cast metal with chrome; the chrome has become dulled and a bit pitted with age. No doubt the chrome would shine up still, with the proper cleaner - but we have left this in original condition. The wooden serving area of the platter measures 17.75" x 7.25" (45 x 18.5cm). The wood has a dark varnish that nicely complements the silver of the decoration at each end. There is damage to the underside of the wooden fish body about two thirds along - not noticeable from above and hardly from the side, either. On the back, there are two recessed slots where the platter could be slotted on to screws in the wall for display. Both of the silver coloured decorative fittings are attached to the wood with screws, so the entire board could be dismantled for cleaning, renovation, etc.

A really fantastic item for use or display, the platter weighs 1.85kg before any packaging is added.

Your item will be carefully packed using recycled wrappings where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post.
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