Pair of Antique Spanish or Portuguese Glass Fly Traps

Pair of Antique Spanish or Portuguese Glass Fly Traps

Code: K3/369

€65.00 Approx $70.5, £55.6

Pair of Antique Spanish or Portuguese Glass Fly Traps - Antique Wasp Trap - Antique Hand Blown Glass - K3/369


We have four pairs of these antique bottle fly and wasp traps available; the price shown is for two Traps - one pair. Gorgeous, perfect antique gifts for the coming year - to use in the home or outside around the Barbecue or Picnic Table.  The traps are made from antique hand-blown glass and shaped like the bottom of a wide champagne bottle, with a dimple underneath. In this case however, the dimple is open at the top and the 'bottle' is only two inches to the shoulder, and four inches in overall height. Each trap has a wire attachment so that it can be hung above the area, or put on a flat surface to catch the pesky flies or wasps.

To use, simply add an attractive liquid - attractive to wasps, that is - into the base of the trap. Beer works, sugary water or fruit juice; even cola. Any wasp attracted to the liquid will be trapped inside once it has gone down through the neck; they usually drink their fill and then fall in.

The glass is marked:    M.V.M. and J. M M M - A Patentado.     - showing that the manufacturer had a Patent for this product and its design. 
The traps are about 4.5" to 5"  (12 to 13 cm) in diameter - being hand blown, there are small variations - and overall about 4" or 10 cm high, not including the wire which will be folded back for transport. All in v  Without packaging for shipping, each trap weighs 400 grammes.  

Your purchase will be carefully packed in recycled wrapping where possible and despatched via 'AnPost', the from our home on the wild Atlantic way here in Ireland.