SABATIER Skewer - Antique French Decorative Skewer or 'Brochette'

SABATIER Skewer - Antique French Decorative Skewer or 'Brochette'

Code: K3/090


W: 3.2" (8.1 cm)L: 18" (45.7 cm)


A SABATIER meat skewer, or 'Brochette' in Continental Silver. This is in great condition with the renowned SABATIER mark still pristine, impressed on the shaft of the skewer and all the decoration very sharp - though it does show signs of having been polished well. We have given the skewer a light clean but being silver it will polish up to a bright shine if required.

In France skewers are used for cooking meats and vegetables 'en brochette' over a grill or flame, not just at barbecue time. This little skewer is a very personal item and would make a fabulous gift for anybody interested in French Cookery or the history of it; the skewer is over one hundred years old, by a very prestigious maker and would have been an expensive item indeed when it was new. It measures 183mm / 7.25" long and 32mm / 1.3" wide. This is a wonderful item, found at a French Antique Market amongst the Chateaux of the Loire - a personal skewer for the barbecue, how posh!