Stunning 16-Inch Diameter French Bread Platter

Stunning 16-Inch Diameter French Bread Platter

Code: K330


H: 16" (40.6 cm)W: 16" (40.6 cm)

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Stunning 16-Inch Diameter French Bread Platter - Hand Carved French Bread Board or Serving Platter - French Table Platter - K330


A solid wooden hand-carved French Bread Platter or serving board from the 1970's. The platter has been beautifully hand-turned and finished with a wide border for decoration. In carved relief on the border, the wording reads "Donnez nous Notre Pain Quotidien" - "Give us our Daily Bread" - words from the Lord's Prayer, carved in a script of capitals and lower case letters with an interesting 'punched' background pattern.  Bread Boards and Platters in a rustic farmhouse style such as this are still used today in many French homes as well as  in high-end restaurants to give that family-friendly, country kitchen feel. This board came from a very large family in the Loire Valley, in France. The children have grown and moved away - the platter is looking for a new family.

This vintage bread board from the Nineteen Seventies shows very little sign of use as it was never allowed to be used for cutting. It was hand-made in the 1970s and has been used as a serving board and also for kitchen decoration when not in use, resulting in the extremely good condition that we find it in today. The carving of the words is in a mix of italicised Capital letters and smaller letters (majuscule et minuscule); at the foot of the circular board is a relief carving of a swathe of wheat ears to complete the decoration. The centre carries an unusual carved trifoliate design, making this an especially uncommon platter.

The platter is in a round shape of 16" diameter and it weighs 1.15 kg without any packaging. On the back, a small hole has been made at the top in the past where a hanging loop could be fixed.

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