Superb French Pork Roast Serving Platter - Pig Decorative Board

Superb French Pork Roast Serving Platter - Pig Decorative Board

Code: K3/137


D: 9.5" (24.1 cm)L: 19" (48.3 cm)

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Superb French Pork Roast Serving Platter - Pig Decorative Board or Carving / Serving Platter - French Table Platter - K3/377


To serve a Roast Pork Dinner in style - this Vintage French Carving and Serving Platter is decorated at each end with cast metal 'pig' details. With a smiley pig face at one and and a curly tail at the other, this would be a fantastic board to use when entertaining. The board is routed around the edge so that any roasted meat juices would drain to a liquid collection area and used for gravy or sauce. The platter could be just as easily used for buffet style finger food - little sausages, pies, sausage rolls - all served with a little piggy smile.

The platter is made from a blonde wood, this is a Mid-Century pre-used item and has signs of use where the board has been used for carving, etc. All the edges of the wood have been finished with a smooth, rounded edge so it is very pleasing to feel. The metal decorations are attached with large metal screws from underneath so they can be removed for cleaning or varnishing as required. 

The overall width of the board including metal decor is 19" or 48cm and the depth is 9.75" or 25cm. When flat on the table surface, the board stands at about 1" or 5cm high. 
Before any packaging is added, the weight is 1.55kg.

Your item will be carefully packed using recycled wrappings where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post.
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