VERY RARE Antique Copper Tibetan Tea Kettle  - Symbols of Good Fortune

VERY RARE Antique Copper Tibetan Tea Kettle - Symbols of Good Fortune



H: 15" (38.1 cm)W: 20" (50.8 cm)

€295.00 Approx $319.61, £252.57

A hand made, antique Tibetan Water Tea Kettle, decorated with the signs of good fortune established in Hindu mythology since ancient times. Tibetan Buddhism has a group of eight symbols that are considered to be the oldest and most well known. These eight symbols include the Golden Fish, the Parasol, the Run, the Lotus Flower, the Conch Shell, the Infinite Knot, the Wheel, and the Flag.

This beaten copper kettle was originally tinned on both the inside and outside for boiling water for tea; there is only some tinning left on the underside of the body, the lid and very slight traces in other areas. In addition to the symbols of good fortune, the kettle has hand chased decoration in a naive style and completed by a hand forged, tubular riveted handle and short spout. The body of the kettle opposite the spout has a slight depression. The kettle dates from c.1840 and is an extremely fine example of this type of antique kettle. It is not suitable for domestic use in the current condition but could be re-tinned by a professional. The kettle stands at 4" high with the handle down, or 6" with the handle raised. It is about 7.5" in diameter and weighs 455 grammes without any packaging.