23 Inch Mid Century Hand Carved Wooden Wall Crucifix

23 Inch Mid Century Hand Carved Wooden Wall Crucifix

Code: RC124


H: 23.5" (59.7 cm)W: 11.8" (29.8 cm)D: 3.5" (8.9 cm)

€179.00 Approx $193.93, £153.25

23 Inch Mid Century Hand Carved Wooden Wall Crucifix - Crafted Thorn Cross with Wooden Corpus Christi - RC124

Part of a selection of items we bought from a well known French Collector - an Expert in Religious Artefacts - this is one of the larger crucifixes we have on stock. It is extremely well made and comes from France.

It is a large Wall Crucifix, measuring just over 23.5" or 60cm tall and 11.75" or 30cm wide. The depth including the Body of Christ is about 3.5" or 9cm.
Without packaging the item weighs 0.6kg.

Made from solid darkened pine wood, the cross is crafted from two pieces of carved wood that lay together and meet in the middle where there is a. carved cross on the diagonal at the front and two screws at the back. The Corpus Christi, or Body of Christ, is made three parts from the same wood, the two arms being separate from the body. The carving of the figure is almost Brutalist in style and attached to the Cross with nails. The carving of both the cross and the Corpus is very professionally simple and effective with shapes and detail finely smoothed, resulting in a very tactile piece. The Crucifix has been formed as a 'Thorn Cross', so that the pointed but gently rounded tips of the thorns appear to protrude from the wood - this is a time consuming design and it has been well crafted. The 'INRI' plaque is in the form of a scroll and probably originated on another piece. A small metal loop is fixed at the back, for wall hanging.

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