French Antique Wall Crucifix - Very Early Crucifix in Plain Dark Woo

French Antique Wall Crucifix - Very Early Crucifix in Plain Dark Woo

Code: R3/61


H: 25" (63.5 cm)W: 10" (25.4 cm)




A very early and Rare French Crucifix dating from the late 1700's early 1800's, made in an extremely plain and very dark ebonised wood with what we believe is shallow cats lead or pewter embellishments. The body of Christ is positioned in a slightly more angled than normal manner with the arms slightly above the head. The metalwork - the Corpus, INRI Plaque and the Skull and Crossed Bones (representing Golgotha) - are all in a dark grey metal that might possibly be either lead, pewter or a very patinated 'other' silver metal, it is still very malleable. The metal has been poured into a mould to form the decorations on the cross. All the items are nailed on to the cross with tiny dark metal nails with domed heads. We can see what appears to be a shadow and fixing for what we think was an impression of Mary on the bottom part of the cross, unfortunately this has long since been lost over the years. There is no fixing loop at the back.

We have a good range of crucifixes (please see the final photograph) on stock, many are not yet listed, so please contact us if you are searching for a special item.

Overall dimensions of the cross: 10" high by 4" wide (15 x 10 cm), the weight unpackaged is under 100 grammes. A very simple and effective example of this early and very particular style of crucifix.


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