French Ivorene Traveling Crucifix with Oval Cutout

French Ivorene Traveling Crucifix with Oval Cutout

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H: 4.8" (12.2 cm)W: 3.5" (8.9 cm)D: 0.5" (1.3 cm)

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Made from French Ivory - a celluloid material from France, also called 'Ivorene', 'Ivorette'' and 'Ivoire de Paris' - in the 1950's, this beautifully designed travelling Crucifix has a frame and cross of Faux Ivory or Ivorene. This material is amazing, with the striations and creamy colour mimicking real ivory. This material was extremely popular in France from the 1870's to the mid-20th century.

The Crucifix sits on an oval bed of plush silky fabric in a similar colour to the frame. The frame itself is rectangular, plain Ivoreen, naturally striated with the oval cut out, and on the reverse the superb Art Deco style pull-out support is affixed with two small globes of the Ivorene material. The Body of Christ, or Corpus Christi, and the small 'INRI' plaque are in a silver coloured metal pinned on to the cream cross and has a latticed, circular sunburst halo behind His head. 
A superbly made little item, in extremely fine Vintage Condition.

Measurements are: Height 4.75" / 12cm; Width 3.45" / nearly 8.7cm and Depth 0.5" / 1.25m. The plaque weighs around 60 grammes without any packaging.