Large Antique Cast Iron French Art Deco Wall Crucifix - Superb Bronzed

Large Antique Cast Iron French Art Deco Wall Crucifix - Superb Bronzed

Code: R3/104


This is a large, heavy, cast iron cross in a mix of Art Deco and Arts and Crafts styles; clean, geometrical lines in the casting and a finish to the cross itself that has the look of hammered metal, though it is in fact a part of the cast design. The bronzed cross has very bold and chunky lines with the points of the cross having chamfered corners. The Corpus, or Body of Christ, attached to the cross by steel Cotter Pins, has been cast separately and also has a bronze finish - but then it has also had a silver nickel plating. A lot of the silver has been rubbed away over the years, giving the whole item a much softer look that it might have had when it left the factory. There is some trace of silver along the top and bottom of the cross upright - but all other silver that might have been on the cross itself is long gone. The cross dates from the 1930s and there are in places some small patches of rust showing - the left arm of Christ, the right bar of the cross and at the bottom of the upright bar there are areas of rust. These can be polished away quite effectively, but we have left the whole item in original as-found condition as we think is has a beautiful patina as it is and would only require maintenance.

There are two countersunk holes in the casting to allow for substantial screws for wall mounting.

The dimensions of the cross are: height 13" by width of nearly 7". The depth including the Corpus is no more than 2". Without packaging, it weighs 765 grammes.