Large European Crucifixion Cross - c.1960 - 24 Inches High

Large European Crucifixion Cross - c.1960 - 24 Inches High

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H: 61" (154.9 cm)W: 35" (88.9 cm)

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A large example of the Crucifixion from Germany, made c.1960s. The Body of Christ is cast in Bronze with a fine Silver plating and is attached to the cross by three nails; the silver plating has worn thin over the years and in places has worn away, giving a superb sympathetic patina. The casting is very fine and although there is no maker's mark visible - sometimes, the mark is hidden on the back so it may be hidden from view. Above the head of Christ is INRI. On the back of the cross, embossed in the wood is 'Made in Germany'. There is a loop at the back for wall hanging this substantial item.

The cross itself is made from two very plain, very solid blonde or light oak pieces, expertly joined at the centre. This heavy oak has a beautiful honey coloured grain. The length of the cross is 24" , (two feet in Britain) or 61cm. The width is just under 14" or 35cm and the depth of the wood is 3/4" or just over 2cm. The Body of Christ is just over 9.5" or 24cm long and the outstretched arms reach 8.75" or 22cm. This is a striking, very well made large piece. The weight without any packaging is over 1.5 kg.