Museum Quality Complete Antique Arma Christi - Hand Carved

Museum Quality Complete Antique Arma Christi - Hand Carved

Code: RC126


H: 14.5" (36.8 cm)W: 9" (22.9 cm)D: 2" (5.1 cm)


From the Nineteenth Century - early 1800's - but very possibly earlier - an Arma Christi Alter Cross. Probably Bavarian Black Forest. It has had slight restoration through the years and we have soaked the fine leather strips of the whip in a special leather solution as they were so brittle they would just snap off. You see full-size versions of these crosses dotted across Bavarian towns and villages, often at the junction of a cross-road. Also known as the Good Friday Cross.

This piece is the very best of a collection that we were very fortunate to be invited to purchase. Items purchased came from the estate of a lifelong collection - that of a well renowned French Religious Antiquities Expert. All items from this estate date from the 16th, 17th and 18th century; please see other listings which are being updated daily.

This incredible Alter Cross stands at 14.5 inches ( or 37cm). The base of the cross is made out of a setters of three steps and the first item of The Passion at the foot of the cross is the Robe. Standing off to one side is the Ladder and at the other side the Sponge on a long shaft. Behind the ladder with an equally long shaft is the Lance. On the upright of the Cross is the Rope (made of very old, coiled cord), the Sacred heart, and at the junction of the upright and horizontal bars of the Cross, there hangs the Crown of Thorns. Hanging from the Crossbar: the Bucket of Nails; the Leather Whip or Lash; the Club and the Lantern. Standing on the Crossbar: the Goblet, the hand, the Pliers; the hammer; the Dice, and the Jug or Pitcher. The upper vertical is clear of decoration, save the INRI plaque  (with damage to the top right hand corner) and the Crowing Cockerel at the top.  This is an Arma Christi and not a crucifix; the cross has not been designed to hold a figure of Christ.

Museum Quality Complete Antique Arma Christi - Hand Carved Weapons of Christ Alter Cross - c1800's Passion Cross - RC126

A beautifully detailed item adorned with tiny hand-carved pieces, it has been carefully preserved for over two hundred and fifty years; this is a fine representation of the Arma

Christi and the size makes it very interesting for use at home or in the Chapel. In extremely good condition for the age, there is the damage to the INRI plaque, which interestingly has had the 'N' carved the wrong way around. This Arma Christi is in Very Good Antique Condition with only small signs of restoration: it seems that the French Polish has been renewed or re-applied at some point; it is possible that the Hammer is not the original as the carving looks slightly different; we would usually expect the Ladder to be longer; this may be the original or it might have been shortened for some reason during its history. The Arma Christi Cross is in a plain style and made of a lighter weight wood with staining and varnish. At the back, a number of old screw heads are visible and also wire from the Sponge and lance.

Dimensions: Height including base: 14.5" x width 9" x depth 2" (37 x 23 x 5 cm). Without packaging the cross and base together weigh 0.2 kg.

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