Napoleon 111 Crucifix - Carved Wood Imitation Coromandel

Napoleon 111 Crucifix - Carved Wood Imitation Coromandel

Code: RC/119


H: 14.3" (36.2 cm)W: 7" (17.8 cm)D: 2.5" (6.4 cm)

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Napoleon 111 Crucifix - Carved Wood Imitation Coromandel - Instruments of The Passion - 14.25 Inch Alter Crucifix - RC119

Hand Carved Arma Christi Crucifix with a base cut using an early 'Bandsaw' - probably one that was powered by foot pedal. This French wooden Alter Crucifix from the mid 1800's is made from old dark-coloured pine. The backing to the crucifix has been stained and finished to give the appearance of Coromandel, a very expensive, exotic hardwood that is now on the 'endangered' list. The colouring work has been done very well and at first glance the wood does indeed look like the exotic timber. The other parts of the artefact have been stained to give different shades to other areas of the work.

This item is one of a collection - we were very fortunate to be invited to purchase from the estate of a lifelong collector's collection - that of a well renowned French Religious Antiquities Expert. All items from this estate date from the 16th, 17th and 18th century, please look at other listings.

Standing at 14.25" (36.5cm) high, the nearly-2.5" base is carved from a block of pine; it has been carefully shaped by an early form of bandsaw, leaving the marks clearly visible. A slot cut into the base fits the crucifix which is slightly too wide - but once the two are fitted together, they stand nicely. The Instruments of the Passion are fashioned into the backing cross - beside the backing base and in a slightly lighter colour there is the Ladder, the reeds and the Holy Sponge. The ladder has a slight crack running lengthwise, probably from the dry atmosphere created by modern central heating. The Crucifix itself is very plain in a dark stained pine and holds the Corpus Christi, a dark spectre figure attached by three metal nails. 

Dimensions are: Height 14.25" x width of 7" and depth of just over 2.5" (36 c 18 x 6.5cm). The item with base weighs 0.45 kg. without any packaging.

This is an old, antique piece that has a lot of work but is not of 'fine' craftsmanship. It is possibly an apprentice piece, taking the opportunity to use skills of carving, staining (especially the 'Coromandel') and assembling the item. A definite collector's item.

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