UNIQUE French Religious Trench Art -  Reserved for Tomi

UNIQUE French Religious Trench Art - Reserved for Tomi

Code: R3/62


UNIQUE French Religious Trench Art -  Metal-Wrapped Crucifix - Freestanding Eight Inch Jansenist Style Crucifix - Naive Folk Art - R3/62


A very early cast metal Corpus Christi (or Body of Christ) on a simple wooden crucifix, wrapped with a very dark, soft metal cover - possibly galvanised tin or very thin lead. Sourced from a French Collector of Militaria, this scratch-built wooden crucifix came from the Trenches during World War One, or 'The Great War' and is a marriage of a cast metal Corpus and a wooden cross made from scavenged pieces of wood. The metal wrapping was to give it some protection from the dampness and knocks and bumps in the Trenches. The wood is of a very poor and lightweight quality and has miraculously survived intact with only a crack in the base of the stand. The wood itself was preserved with oil originally and over the years the patina has increased - at the same time adding extra layers of protection to the wood. Both the metal covering and the cast form of the Body of Christ are attached to the cross with the original, old rusted nails.

Trench Art is more usually associated with love tokens and messages for home; this unique item was scratch built by a French Solider who sorely not only missed his home and family, but also his Church.

Jansenism, in Roman Catholic history, was a controversial religious movement in the 17th and 18th centuries. The papacy struck out against Jansenism in 1653 with the publication of the bull Cum occasione (“With Occasion”) by Innocent X, which condemned five of Jansen's propositions on the relationship of grace and freedom.

Overall dimensions of the cross: 8" high by 3.5" wide (20 x 9 cm), the weight unpackaged is under 100 grammes. The very simple lines and the military history of this crucifix make it a unique and striking example.

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