Antique French Sculpture - Intricately Carved Breton Couple in Traditi

Antique French Sculpture - Intricately Carved Breton Couple in Traditi

Code: AQ1/91


H: 34" (86.4 cm)W: 16" (40.6 cm)D: 13" (33 cm)

€349.00 €449.00 Approx $378.11, £298.8

An original wooden sculpture from the 1800's. Made from a large block of walnut, this is a marvellous depiction of a Breton couple in full peasant or country costume for their Wedding Day. For a day of celebration away from the back breaking work in the fields, peasants would take out their finest costumes that they made by hand, using only candle light in the long winter evenings. A young woman would usually make her own dress and head covering - and also work on the clothes for her future husband, long before she met him. Both are wearing wooden clogs. The sculptor L Corlet has captured the joy of the moment and picked out the details of the finery of the young couple; this was most likely a wedding gift to them.

Standing 13.5" or 34cm high by 6.5" or 16cm wide and 5" or 13cm deep, this is a heavy piece weighing 1.325kg before packaging. The dark wood has had the benefit of many years of polishing; now the benefit of central heating has resulted in a crack in the wood of the young man's left wrist. The crack leads in to the body of the woman but should go no further as it is into the hard heartwood of the piece.