Antique French Wooden Carved Decorative Panel Three Putto

Antique French Wooden Carved Decorative Panel Three Putto

Code: AQ1/20


H: 25" (63.5 cm)W: 14.2" (36.1 cm)D: 2" (5.1 cm)



Antique French Wooden Carved Decorative Panel Three Putto with a Goat - Bacchi - French Carved Panel from the 1800s - AQ1/20


A gorgeous wooden walnut panel, carved with a fantasy or fable picture of three Putto (plural is Putti) with a horned goat; they are in lush greenery and foliage and one Putti sits astride the goat. They have garlands of vine leaves around their heads and above there is a branch laden with grape fruits and vine leaves. These little lads are clearly having a fun day out. A putto is a figure in a work of art depicted as a chubby male child, usually naked and sometimes winged and frequently associated with the God Bacchus.  Originally limited to profane passions in symbolism, the putto came to represent the sacred cherub, and in Baroque art the putto came to represent the omnipresence of God.  In Bacchanals, which were celebrations of Dionysius (Bacchus), putti represented fertility, abundance, the spirit of the fruit of life and were often depicted in wild revelry. 

The. panel, which is solid walnut and unframed, is 25" or 63cm in height and 14.25" or 36cm wide. Taking the relief carving into account the full depth is about 2" or 5cm. The panel has a beautiful deep patina from the years of exposure to family life and polish. Very deeply carved, this is a striking piece that would be a stunning focal point for a room. An interior designer's dream, a piece of sculpture or art that will transform its surroundings. The weight without any packaging is over 2.3 kg.           

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