Antique Polychrome Plaque of Mary and the Infant Jesus

Antique Polychrome Plaque of Mary and the Infant Jesus

Code: RP/118


H: 18.8" (47.8 cm)W: 16" (40.6 cm)D: 3.5" (8.9 cm)

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Antique Polychrome Plaque of Mary and the Infant Jesus - Madonna and Child - Hand Painted, Framed Christ Child in Bas Relief - RP/118


From c.1860, a very rare, very early, plaster plaque intended for church use - hand-decorated and adorned with a two-tone gold decorative backing. This item was most likely made in Italy due to the style of painting and the Renaissance-style chubbiness of the Christ Child.

The figures of Mary and the Infant Jesus are in relief on the gently domed surface of the oval plaque. The background is finished in an aged golden glaze with black and red decoration. Mary appears to be sit-in on a large, fluffy white cloud, holding the Child Jesus is her right arm - He in turn, has his arm around her neck. She is wearing a red robe covered with her blue cloak. The Child wears nothing but a white napkin. An exceptionally striking image, in excellent antique condition.

Man-made from cast plaster that has been painted and given the original impression of age at the time of making, the plaque was attached to an oval wooden frame with hessian scrim and more plaster, before finally being fitted into an outer deep decorative frame: see the last photo that shows the work involved in the composition of this plaque.

The plaque has been into our workshop and dismantled, the frame treated for the very ancient signs of woodworm, some of the holes filled and painted to give an ebonised appearance  - still retaining its charm but giving the frame and the superb inner image more contrast and impact.

This is a beautiful and very well made item with the Bas Relief still very sharp and paintwork in great condition, showing the Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child in her right hand and what appear to be books or scrolls hanging from her left hand.  Even if you are not in any way religious this is a great piece of wall art.

The outer frame measures 18.75" or 47.5cm in height; just over 16" or 41cm wide and 3.5" or 9cm deep. Unpackaged weight is 3.3kg or 7.3lb.

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