Antique Sacred Heart - Stunning 13inch Paper Maché - French or Italia

Antique Sacred Heart - Stunning 13inch Paper Maché - French or Italia

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H: 33" (83.8 cm)W: 20" (50.8 cm)

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A beautifully made, antique paper mache or wood fibre mache bust of The Sacred Heart, made in France or Italy in around 1890. The bust measures 13" in height, including the gold coloured plinth and is 8" wide. 

This representation of Jesus Christ is very serene and the eyes, in glass, are set so that He is looking straight ahead - initially quite startling, they are very expressive. The polychrome decoration is in bright colours which have held well over the years as there is a base layer underneath extending the life of the top colours and the material of the paint itself. As yet we have not cleaned the bust, but would be happy to do so if required by a buyer. Jesus Christ is portrayed in a cream coloured robe with  large golden crosses, over which there is a red cloak with gold lining. His hands, clearly pierced, are pointing to The Sacred Heart which has a chain around it and fire coming from the top, from which there are rays of light emanating. A lovely artefact, a hand painted religious figure beloved of those of the Catholic Faith. This is an early original bust, extremely well painted and not a later copy.

The plinth is ornately patterned and gilded in a matt golden colour. The bust has a strong metal ring inserted into the back for wall hanging. The weight is just over one kilo, without any packaging. The condition is good antique, with some chips to the colour but no more than would be expected - it is in great antique condition.

Beware of later copies.........