Art  Deco Chrome Desk Plane -Douglas DC3 or C47

Art Deco Chrome Desk Plane -Douglas DC3 or C47

Code: D3/113


H: 8.5" (21.6 cm)W: 13.5" (34.3 cm)D: 7.5" (19.1 cm)

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Art  Deco Chrome Desk Plane -Douglas DC3 or C47 -Decorative Model Plane - D3/113

The DC-3 served, indeed dominated, the infant airline business from its first appearance. In the mid-1940s all but 25 of the 300 airline planes operating in the United States were DC-3s. Its wartime adaptations were simple and effective. It was used to transport passengers (28), fully armed paratroopers (28), wounded troops (18 stretchers and a medical crew of three), military cargo (e.g., two light trucks), and anything else that could fit through its cargo doors and weighed not much more than three tons. A version that carried only troops was called the C-53. The airplane was also used to tow gliders and was even converted to an efficient, high-speed glider by simply removing its engines (and fairing over their empty cowls) and other nonessential weight. As a glider, it could carry 40 fully armed troops at a top towing speed of 290 miles per hour (464 km per hour)—90 mph faster than any previous transport glider and 26 percent faster than its own top speed as a transport airplane.Your purchase will be very carefully packaged with recycled materials where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post postal service. 
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