Bronze Relief Metal Plaque Christ with Crown of Thorns - 4.5

Bronze Relief Metal Plaque Christ with Crown of Thorns - 4.5"

Code: R3b/R


H: 4.5" (11.4 cm)W: 4.5" (11.4 cm)D: 0.8" (2 cm)

€269.00 Approx $291.44, £230.31

A stunning piece of French craftsmanship; this is a solid cast bronze profile image of the Head of Christ with the Crown of Thorns and a halo, set against a cross shape. It is cast as a solid embossed plate with two screws in the back that would be inset into most likely, a door. There is no signature to the casting but it has been produced by a craftsman of great experience; the detail of His face, hair, beard and the Crown of Thorns are all perfect. The plaque has the superb patina of some age - mid-century - but does not look to have been exposed to the elements. We have not polished or cleaned the plaque in any way so it is in completely original condition. The profile is that of Christ as a young man with a reflective expression, wearing the Crown of Thorns.

The measurements of the cross shaped plaque are 8" or 20.5cm square and the depth is about 3/4" or nearly 2cm. The threaded fixings are 1.25" or 3cm long and look to be of a 4mm threaded bar. The unpackaged weight of the plaque is 627 grammes. Taking the treaded fixings into account, the overall depth of the item is just under 2".