Carved Dark-wood Picture Frame - Sculpted mid 1800s for Hamel of Paris

Carved Dark-wood Picture Frame - Sculpted mid 1800s for Hamel of Paris

Code: FW2/94


H: 30" (76.2 cm)W: 29" (73.7 cm)


An incredible find from an Antique shop hiding in the back streets of Nice in France. This real antique, hardwood frame was handmade for the earliest photographs, silhouette likenesses or miniatures of the mid-1800s; superbly hand carved in Lille for Hamel of Paris. The frame is carved by hand from a single piece of hardwood in extremely fine detail. In perfect condition, it would take three pieces of glass measuring 4" x 3" to cover any image or artwork on show. The frame was originally displayed in the 'Easel style" with a hinged foot stand at the back. 

The frame is carved with Roses, Acanthus Leaves, Scallop Shells, Ribbons with Bows and so much more ...... it is by far the best of its kind we have ever encountered. It will be sent 'as seen', without glass and backing unless you want us to take care of this, restoring glass and backing to the frame in our workshop before dispatch; please do not hesitate to enquire. This is a seriously old and fine piece of craftsmanship, the like of which will probably never be seen again; a romantic piece of Paris history.

This exceedingly fine and rare French piece would make a superb addition to any collection, or a fantastic stand-alone centrepiece. You could not find a better handmade antique gift for a true connoisseur. It is 7.6” / 295mm wide by 11.7” / 300mm high and around 0.4” / 10mm deep with the hand cut-out ovals 2.5” / 38mm by 3.5” / 89mm each. The unpackaged weight is 223 grammes. Photos shown in the frame are for display purposes and are not included, however if you would like us to include three photographs from the correct era we are happy to comply, just tell us what type of portraits you would like, male, female or children.