EXTREMELY RARE - Irish Hand Crafted Picture Box - Keepsake Box

EXTREMELY RARE - Irish Hand Crafted Picture Box - Keepsake Box

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H: 11" (27.9 cm)W: 15" (38.1 cm)D: 15" (38.1 cm)

€155.00 Approx $168.11, £132.59

There is a heartwarming tale behind any of these very rare, Irish boxes. In the early 1950s when there was a tuberculosis outbreak in Ireland, patients who were recovering from their illness were often sent to the country, or to sanitoriums, for rest and fresh air. While resting, part of their rehabilitation was to do crafting - and this is where the little boxes came from; often given as tokens to their loved ones, to remember them until they returned home fit and well. This particular box has a romantic theme and may have been a love token - with blue Forget me Not flowers and both yellow and purple pansies - "Heartsease" as thy were known. The little pictures are carefully cut out and stuck onto strong shaped card which is punched around the edges. Here we have a pretty lilac embroidery thread used in strong crochet-type of stitch; the stitching and the shape of the body make this a very robust little box. The entire body of the box is covered with a clear protective cover and the finishing touch is a little tassel made of the lilac thread, to pull up the lid. Inside at the bottom, is a picture of a poppy. We have only seen one other - part of a treasured family collection, not for sale.

This box is in good vintage condition with a little fading, a small water stain and some creasing. It has a real feel of having been used, treasured and loved - as it should be once again.