French Antique / French Vintage Gien Tiles - Nineteenth Century Design

French Antique / French Vintage Gien Tiles - Nineteenth Century Design

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French Antique / French Vintage Gien Tiles - Nineteenth Century Design Glazed Tiles by Gien - French Salvage - D142


These are fantastic tiles from a historic property in the town of Richelieu - salvaged when it was being refurbished. They are in an a good 'aged' original condition and probably came from a fire surround or kitchen area. The manufacturer, GIEN, has been producing Faïence ceramics for over 200 years, most famously for the PARIS METRO and is still inproduction today.

The tiles measure 4-3/8" or just over 11cm square; 5/16th of an inch deep with a hand-stencilled quatrefoil design of diamonds and spear heads around a small circular centre mark. The base is off-white with a brown, or almost burgundy design with an aged crazed or crackled clear firing glaze. We have (32) NOW ONLY 12 of these tiles for sale in small sets or as one lot. The tiles weigh 150gms / 0.3lb individually or just a little over 6kg / 13lb in total for the thirty two.

Gien started in the nearby Loire Valley in 1821, Gien Faïencerie was established by Englishman Thomas Hall, who, after investing in other faïenceries, decided to expand English pottery in France. In the heart of the country lies the town of Gien, whose resources were promising to the company. The nearby Loire River’s sand and water were used to create a clay paste, and the Sologne forest’s wood was used for the kilns. The royal river was also essential for the transportation of goods.

From the time when the company was established two hundred years ago, Gien Faïencerie, the largest faïence making factory of its kind in Europe, has symbolized elegance, luxury and the unique French “art de vivre”, the legendary French way of life. It gained renown producing bespoke dinner services bearing family crests, for prominent French and European houses of the time, and also, through production of tiles for the Parisian Metro stations.

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