French Vintage Wall Tapestry - Pure Wool Rural Scene Tapestry

French Vintage Wall Tapestry - Pure Wool Rural Scene Tapestry

Code: H1/47


H: 28" (71.1 cm)W: 48" (121.9 cm)

€235.00 Approx $254.88, £201.03

French Vintage Wall Tapestry - Pure Wool Rural Scene Tapestry - Medium Sized Tapestry - Farmyard and Horses - H1/47

A Great Vintage example of a fine woollen tapestry from the Loire Valley area of France; this piece once graced the walls of a hotel in Chinon that is long closed. The French Rural Scene is reminiscent of a painting that might have been done by John Constable. There is an interesting '3D' effect to the weaving of the clouds, trees and other parts.

The scene is of a farmyard where a covered horse-drawn waggon has pulled up at the farmhouse, to be met at the door by the Farmer. While the men are chatting, the horses are taking the chance to munch at a bale of hay. The Farmyard chickens and cockerel look on, and a dog is also taking interest on as two women with baskets pass on down the lane. In the distance between the trees is the outline of a Church and some buildings, possibly the nearest village.  

The tapestry is in Greens, Beige, and Russet Reds, with a plain line 'frame' designed around the image. This piece is a complete work (not a piece cut from a larger length) and would look lovely hung on any wall via a pole attached to the top; this tapestry does not have a hanging band so would be fixed directly to a pole or backing piece of wood. It has previously been attached to something using metal staples which have left rust marks around the edge.

Made in France in the last Mid-Century, this would be a fabulous Vintage Gift for an embroidery or tapestry crafter.  The peaceful rural scene is stunning, in perfect condition and would be a wonderful finishing decor piece for a room with a rustic or farmhouse style. It would be advisable to hang this item out of direct sunlight which would fade the colours that are still quite vibrant.

Measurements are 28" / 72cm high, 48" / 122cm wide. The unpackaged weight is 450 grammes. 

Your purchase will be very carefully packaged (with recycled materials where possible) and despatched via the Irish An Post.

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