Paris Ladies Fashions - Original Winter 1893-94 Colour Print

Paris Ladies Fashions - Original Winter 1893-94 Colour Print

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H: 15.8" (40 cm)W: 23" (58.4 cm)

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This is a fantastic coloured lithographic print of an advertisement for a Paris fashion House - detailing the new ladies Fashions for the Winter of 1893 - 1894. The Coloured illustrations show the Ladies' gowns in detail and each has a sketch of the rear view to accompany. The sketches are in a montage, numbered from 1 ti 8 ( I - VIII) and show Winter Fashion designs that would be on show at the 'Exposition Universelle' - roughly the World Fashion Show - of 1889. The season's designs show puffed shoulders - sometimes with an extra layer to form a point; cinched-in waists and floor-length, full skirts. One design is for a young girl - roughly the same, except that she is allowed a belt (no corset for the young!) and the skirt is mid-calf length. She has a very happy little French Bulldog wearing the fashion for dogs - a harness with a bell on the front.


The illustration is an unframed double plate and shows signs of handling and the yellowing colouration of age. There is a tear on the right hand side of about 1.5" long which could be covered with a frame or mount - currently the illustration is not framed. There are some small marks around the studies and a little foxing at the top around the title area. The print has been stored folded in half. Measuring 15.75" high by 23" wide (40 x 58.5cm), the illustration within is about 14.5" by 20"" wide.Handwritten on the top left hand corner is 'October 1893'. At 128 years of age, this is in remarkably good condition and an exciting original antique item for a fashion lover or designer.