Solid Bronze Relief Decorated Picture Frame with Original Glass

Solid Bronze Relief Decorated Picture Frame with Original Glass

Code: FW2/93


H: 20" (50.8 cm)W: 14.5" (36.8 cm)

€149.00 Approx $161.43, £127.57

We love this rare and beautifully decorated Antique Cast Bronze picture frame that we discovered in France. Cast in one single piece at the beginning of the last century, the solid frame has a rectangular space of 4" x 2.5" left free for a picture, offset to the left, with original covering glass in place. The frame is most unusual - highly decorated with images in relief of various birds, a gentleman playing his pipes, another on the ground beside a large flagon.....probably empty! Lots of curly swirls and decorative flourishes surround the picture area and down at the bottom left is the signature mark of M. RINSI. The decorations are so 'fantastical' that they have the air of a fable about them; certainly the message it contains is fun to read and difficult to decipher.

At some point in time the back has been very well repaired. Two of the original clips at the back have been replaced by metal strips and the metal plate behind the glass has been replaced. Securely attached to the bronze is the stand, also made of solid bronze - it is quite decorative in its own right with an embossed pattern and curly feet. The back of the Frame itself is embossed with a cross-hatched diamond pattern and a dot in the centre of each diamond pane. Altogether a highly intriguing piece.