French Early 19th Century Art Deco Day Bed - Art Deco Sofa

French Early 19th Century Art Deco Day Bed - Art Deco Sofa

Code: F1/101


H: 30" (76.2 cm)W: 61" (154.9 cm)D: 29" (73.7 cm)

€1,495.00 €1,750.00 Approx $1626.77, £1279.97

French Early 19th Century Art Deco Day Bed - Art Deco Sofa - Deco Day Bed - F/101


We were so lucky to find this and its blue fabric twin in an estate sale in our local town in France, the family had moved to a lovely apartment in the City and had no room for the older items that had been handed down through the years. This piece just evokes the period and yet is timeless and would look great in any home from modern designer to old and historic.

One of our clients had another one of these that she uses for her lucky, pampered pooch as its dog bed.

The history of this peice has just been added to as it just returned from the set of a well known television series in Dublin where it had been out on hire for a short time, we will tell the purchaser which one so they can keep and eye out for it.


This wonderful and well made item has been cleaned and where the plain material beneath had worn, new heavy gauge fabric has been underneath the mattress and over the springs etc. It all now conforms to current fire regulations although as a true Antique this is not necessary. It is very comfortable and should last for many many more years to come.

It is 29.5" or 75cm high and 61" or 155cm long when in the sofa position and 81" or 205cm when in full bed mode. The width is 28.5" or 72cm and 19" or 48cm deep with the seat height being 17" or 43cm. It is in excellent condition, the fabric replaced where needed and the frame having been treated for woodworm as there were signs of a very old infestation. The owners told us they always treated everything they inherited themselves, before it came into their home.

We have a blue version of this day bed in our warehouse awaiting restoration, unfortunately this one does not have the two ‘sausage’ bolster cushions - although we will make up two in a plain blue contrasting fabric when we can get it into our workshop.

Your purchase will be carefully packed in recycled wrappings where possible and despatched by An Post or Courier Service.