Necklace - Hand Cut & Polished Black Mother of Pearl

Necklace - Hand Cut & Polished Black Mother of Pearl

Code: J2/19


L: 19" (48.3 cm)

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Black MOP Necklace - Hand Cut & Polished Black Mother of Pearl Jewellery - French Fashion Necklace - J2/19


A stunningly beautiful necklace created from Black Oyster Mother of Pearl; each flat, round disc has been shaped and polished to a high sheen. The pearly discs are hand threaded across and through the diameter of each piece, and assembled in such a way that the necklace sits perfectly against the neck when worn. With any movement, each disc catches the light and the iridescent shades within the pearl is revealed. We bought the necklace in the South of France and we know it was originally owned there in the 1930's, however we have no real information on its origin. 

Today, the oysters - Pinctada Margaritifera Oysters - are farmed in Tahiti and the surrounding islands for their shells, but they are thin and not of great quality. The shells used in this lovely piece from the 1930's will have come from the same area of the world, but they are thick and lustrous with natural markings and striations, showing that they have undergone several seedings before harvest. 

The Necklace is 19' / 48cm long and weighs 80grams. The Mother of pearl discs range from over one inch across down to beads of one-eight of an inch with the widest disc being at the centre and sizes graduating back to the clasp. The closing clip is made of a silver metal, shaped like a small barrel, with the two halves screwing together for a secure fit.

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