Original Oil Paintings by Renown Artist Raymond Campbell

Original Oil Paintings by Renown Artist Raymond Campbell

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Original English Pastoral Art - Original Oil Paintings by Renown Artist Raymond Campbell - British Landscape Artist - DC4


We  are lucky to have been asked by a friend to sell these three original oil paintings on their behalf. Acquired direct from the Artist Raymond Campbell we have three beautiful pastoral landscapes. These are wonderful bucolic renditions of the British Countryside, portrayed by an artist at the peak of his abilities. Although Raymond Campbell is most known for his incredible 'still life' works, his landscapes have become highly collectable.

The paintings are offered in three options, the River with Swans scene individually, €575 and the two images of cattle grazing together as a pair €1050; or all three as a collection at €1395.
With frames measuring 8.5" (21.5cm) high by 10.5" (26.5cm) wide and 1" (2.5cm) deep, the paintings are all in a realist style showing idyllic scenes of the countryside in England. 
The framed images each weighs 350 grams without any packaging. 

Raymond Campbell was born in 1956 in Surrey. He was convinced even as a schoolboy that he could make painting his way of life. 
He says......
"I can't help but get drawn deeply into the things I like to paint. I begin my painting and am immediately lost in it. With a landscape - I feel it around me - I get pulled in and want to walk to the bend in the lane or through the gate and into the field or over the far rise of a sunlit hill."

Having exhibited in group exhibitions at home and abroad he has been successful with exhibitions held at the Royal Academy. His exhibitions are enormously popular and for many years have completely sold out.

His career has built up from the late 1970's when he returned to the UK after studying and travelling through Europe. Raymond was greatly influenced by the great Dutch masters who inspired him to paint his still life in the Flemish tradition. He has now developed his own individual style that is widely recognised and greatly admired.
A self-taught artist, he began painting as a hobby, which was initiated by his mother buying him a set of paints and brushes for his birthday. In the early days landscapes were the main subject along with portraits of people and animals, all of which kept him honing and developing his skills. Later, in the late seventies, he became self-employed and a full time professional artist.
Still life subjects began as a result of his interest in antiques; setting up a subject matter of fruit, china vases, silver bowls etc. Later because of his interest and love of the history of wine and of the different vintages this subject was added to his repertoire.   Raymond’s work has sold worldwide including the U.S.A. and Australia. He has a great following in the U.S.A. in particular. Last year one of his paintings was accepted at the Royal British Artists exhibition in London. His work is also widely published in limited and open editions. 

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