Signed Original French Art  - 1950s Oil on Board -Nude Pin-Up

Signed Original French Art - 1950s Oil on Board -Nude Pin-Up

Code: AP1/37


H: 16" (40.6 cm)W: 13.5" (34.3 cm)


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Signed Original French Art  - 1950s Oil on Board -Nude Pin-Up with Red Hibiscus Flowers - in Domergue Style - AP1/37 DS


An exotic original Mid Century oil painting from France - Oil on Board, auprès Domergue, a beautiful image of a nude, pale young woman with two dark red Hibiscus flowers tucked into her jet-black hair.  Glancing back over her right shoulder, with her lids lowered and a small beauty spot above the bright red of her lips - she looks as though she is just about to wink at the viewer.

In the style of or school of Jean Gabriel Domergue this is a great rendition of the Parisian Pin Up Girl. Although this is not by a well known artist it is well painted and shows great talent.
Jean Gabriel Domergue redefined the image of feminine beauty with his paintings of elegant Parisian women. Domergue studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was only 17 when he first exhibited at the 1906 Salon des Artistes Français. While he received early recognition for his landscapes, he became famous in the ’20s for painting a new type of casual, confident Parisian lady that deviated from traditional feminine tropes. With her long, slender neck, thin frame, and coquettish gaze, Domergue’s Parisienne epitomised the look of the decade and is considered to be the precursor of the pinup and the American Pin Up style followed in the Nineteen Thirties and Forties.

The artist has signed the work and it seems to end with 'Germaine'; the same word, or name, is written on the back of the board in pencil. Framed in an overpainted gold, deep frame, the painting also benefits from a very nice angled inner golden mount.

This would make a superb addition for a collector of nude studies or a lover of Domergue and his students. Having recently been reframed it is now at 16" or 41cm high, 13.5" or 34cm wide and 2" or 5cm deep with image within painted on board is 9.75" or 24.5cm by 7.25" or 18cm. It has the hanging metal fixings and cord on the back of the frame. It is in good overall condition with one slightly noticeable scratch as seen on the photos.

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